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Elevators an essential part of today’s modern lifestyle is becoming more an integral part. Especially in Tier-I and tier-II cities it becomes very essential to travel to large apartment’s and buildings as part of everyday life. So to ease the complexity associated with moving up and down to the apartment elevators becomes a necessity.


This need of Elevators is also essential in commercial buildings, hospitals and even at Educational institutes.


The main issue in all these premises is that of safety i.e. whether the elevator has safety features to keep the goods and people sheltered.


For making Elevator Journey  safe and to avoid breakdowns, both the user and provider should coordinate.


So let’s know the basic user guidelines which a user need to follow:


While entering the Elevator the user should follow these basic guidelines:



Schneider Elevator

Push the elevator call button while entering an elevator


  • Be clear of the destination that you want to go. Push the elevator call button for the direction you want to go.
  • When the elevator comes at your level and if the passengers are getting down, then wait till the last passenger gets down.
  • If after the passengers get down you find the elevator capacity is full, then wait for the next elevator. Don’t overload the elevator.
  • In case you observe a fire while getting in an elevator, take the stairs to exit or else call for assistance.
  • While entering an elevator if the door closes instantly then don’t hold the door with your hand or legs. It’s not safe to do so. Instead use door buttons or alarm if the buttons are not working.
  • If the elevator you want to enter is not working, it’s better to use the stairs.


When riding in an Elevator following guidelines should be followed:

  • Pay attention to the floor indications so that you reach your destination.
  • Do not smoke while in an elevator as it may lead to fire.

    Schneider Elevator takes care of passengers while in an Elevator

    Do not smoke in Elevator

  • Also don’t use mobile phones as sometimes in case of short circuits fire can occur.
  • If the door of elevator does not open by itself, use the door open button.
Rescue Device

Dont leave the elevator through any other spaces except the Elevator doors.

While you exit an Elevator, Follow these basic guidelines:

  • Exit carefully and see if the car and the floor are not in level, then try to move down carefully.
  • If the door does not open up at the floor then don’t try to open with your hands use the Door open button or ask someone to open for you.
  • If you have pets with you hold them firmly with you and allow them to exit with you carefully.


Apart from these basic guidelines below is the list of things to be observed while you are near an elevator:

  • Never allow kids to play in the lobby area adjacent to elevators doors, There are serious accidents which have been recorded in the past from kids playing around the lift area.


  • While cleaning or washing the lobby never push extra water into the lift shaft. There are safety circuits installed along the shaft wall from inside. Water entry can cause break down and even resulting in short circuit, which can make elevator run in unsafe conditions.



  • Don’t stand near the elevator doors while riding or waiting for the elevator.



Now there are certain safety measures which should be taken by an Elevator company to reduce the breakdowns of the elevators and prevent the life of the passengers and the loss of property.


Below are the safety equipment’s which need to be installed in an elevator:


  • Over speed Governor:

Useful in case of an Elevator travelling down. The speed governor in case of over-speed jams the car and thus downfall of the elevator is prevented saving the life of passengers.


  • Battery operated automatic rescue device:

This is helpful in case of power failures when the elevator stops all of sudden. This automatic rescue device helps the car to stop at the nearest floor thus helping the passenger’s safety.


  • Battery operated Emergency Alarm:

This is helpful in case when a person gets stuck up in an Elevator. He/she can use this alarm to attract the attention of other people.


  • Battery operated Emergency light:

This is also helpful in case of power failure when the main light of elevator stops. Emergency light provides an extra source of illumination to passengers.

  • Call Registration LEDs:

These are particularly useful in case of passengers riding an elevator where they can use these call registration LEDs to know whether they had reached the destination.


  • Fire button with hooter:

In case of fire this fire button with hooter will help like an alarm to make passengers aware of the immediate fire around the building.


  • Compact Fire extinguisher Inside car:

This is used to end the fire already present inside the car. This helps passengers to prevent their life and save other passengers also.



Schneider Elevator takes utmost care in installing all these safety equipment’s inside an Elevator to secure the life and property of all those associated with the organization.

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