Bungalow Elevators

Bungalow Elevators

Schneider Elevator Elevators Home Elevator is a Simple yet a very effective Vertical Transportation solution for your Row House, Bungalow, Villa, Duplex Apartment or Pent House. Home Lifts are elevators designed to meet vertical mobility needs in public and private buildings. Elevators have been designed to specifically fit in your home and can carry two people in total with comfort. Bungalow elevators make life easier when stairs become more challenging and it is an excellent alternative to a stair lift. These home elevators provide a more convenient – and faster –way of getting upstairs which can improve your lifestyle. These lifts are also great for carrying heavy objects.

The thickness of our car walls and the bracing of our frames support all reaction loads so the frame and car do not twist or deform over time. Our steel support members are rolled to ensure rigidity. Schneider Elevator elevators deliver all this, with comfort and style.


Bungalow elevators are the more cost-effective compared to moving house so you can stay in the home you love and add value to your property. Our bungalow lifts are the most compact, affordable and stylish home elevators available.

Safe Movement

The Compact range of lifts are thoughtfully designed and engineered by highly experienced team, to provide home access for those in need of a safe, discreet and compact alternative to a stair lift at an affordable price.

Fast, Safe & Smooth Movement

Elevators were designed for domestic use. As a result the lift is made up of modular sections all capable of passing through standard doorways & under standard ceiling heights. Also lifts are powered by a quiet electric self-contained motor with smooth movement.